Youth Minister Search

We are seeking a committed follower of Jesus Christ who has the gifts and desire to advance the ministry of Christ’s church by planning for, developing and supervising the Middle School and High School ministries. This man or woman will have the following characteristics, experience and related skills:

  • Must be Christ-centered and Gospel focused, 
  • Have a passion to develop in students a commitment to become daily followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Have a heart for developing relationships with young people.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills.
  • Should be a person of prayer.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college required, with an emphasis in student ministry or related field preferred.  Experience in student ministry is also required.
  • Have experience in leading and managing larger group events and trips which require significant organizational skills, logistics planning, and effective execution.


For more detail please see Youth Minister Candidate Profile below.

Downloadable Information

Western Springs Baptist | The Village Church is an unaffiliated Baptist church with a strong scriptural and evangelical emphasis. Our congregation is diverse in its background and traditions. Our church strives to be a friendly, caring community of believers that functions as a family. We have ministry for and by all ages with multigenerational interactions. We seek to strengthen and support the families within our congregation through our ministries and programs while reaching the families in our community. We seek to be a place of healing in Christ's love for those who are hurting and a place of growth and equipping for service in Christian living. While our faith in Christ and relationship with God is individual, we uphold the importance of learning, growing, and serving together as a congregation for the sake of the Gospel. 


Western Springs (incorporated in 1886, is located approximately 15 miles west of downtown Chicago, with a population of 12,500 living in 2.32 square miles. Congregation members reside in many of the surrounding suburbs, reflecting the diversity of the wider suburban area. The church has a history of welcoming attenders and participants from multi-cultural backgrounds. There has been a consistent membership of 250-300+. Approximately 65% of the congregation are active volunteers in church ministries, 80% are regular weekly attenders. 

Application Process

Your completed application should include the following:

  1. Full Resume
  2. Responses to the Candidate Questionnaire
  3. Supplimental Materials related to your student ministry experience (optional)
  • Video Bio (3-5 minutes)
  • Video or Audio of teaching and/or preaching

Please send to