Please select "Women's Ministries" and make a one time payment of $20

We want to extend a special invitation to you to join Women’s Life this fall, as we begin our 4th year. We will be studying the book of ACTS using Max Lucado’s Life Lessons from Acts. This is a 10-week study that begins Thursday, September 10th from 9-11 a.m.


If you are a believer, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead now lives in you! The better we know the Holy Spirit, the more we can be empowered by Him. Wherever you need the power of God today, the Spirit is the answer to your need.


Walking through the book of Acts, we see the power of God at work on every hand. Three thousand are saved at Pentecost; a crippled man is healed; fearful disciples are now preaching boldly to the Sanhedrin; Saul of Tarsus is converted; thousands come to Christ through Paul’s ministry. It’s miracle upon miracle.


Can God really do today what He did then? Can we have the same power in our lives that they had in theirs? The answer is absolutely YES! But we must be “filled” with the Spirit and submitted to His control. The book of Acts provides us with biblical, practical steps to the abundant life of Christ.

We would love for you to join us for Women’s Life.  

  • Cost: $20.
  • Childcare and Children's Program for Children ages Newborn - 5 years. AND

    Remote Learning Stations for Elementary Children (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) 

Women’s Life is open to women of all faiths and backgrounds, so please invite your friends and neighbors to come along with you, too.

Our mornings at  Women's Life will look a little different this year as we follow the CDC & IDPH guidelines for Covid-19 prevention. Women’s Life will begin with a time of instrumental music, followed by a large group study of the Book of Acts in the sanctuary and small group discussions in other classrooms.

We will be taking every precaution to socially distance ourselves throughout the morning and wear face masks while at WSBC. Temperatures will be taken upon entering WSBC and all participants will be asked to sanitize their hands and answer a health survey upon arrival. Your safety and comfort are very important to us as we all live in this new Covid-19 World.

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Please select "Women's Ministries" and make a one time payment of $20

What is Women's Life?

Each Thursday morning, we start Women’s Life with a time of coffee, a sweet treat and wonderful fellowship. This is a time to connect with all the women in the study, develop new friendships and reconnect with old friends. A large group study follows where we open the Bible, learn God’s truth for our lives, and come to know Jesus more intimately as a result. We alternate between live lectures and video series by nationally recognized Bible teachers for women. All the teaching in Women’s Life is Biblically based and doctrinally sound. Small group time provides an opportunity for women to share, discuss the Bible teaching, ask questions and connect in a more relational setting. 

Women’s Life is for all women from all faiths and backgrounds. It's a Bible study for any woman who is interested in learning more about God and having a personal relationship with His son, Jesus, from the Bible. 

If you have never participated in a Bible study before, Women’s Life is for you! We will help you feel welcomed and loved without being overwhelmed.  And ... if you’ve been in Bible study for most of your life, this is for you, too! We just want all women to come, learn and grow in their faith in God.

What do Women say about Women's Life?

Jen says:

"In August 2019, my family and I embarked on a huge adventure, moving from our beloved home country at the southern tip of Africa, to Illinois. I knew that I needed to integrate myself into our new community as soon as possible. Our first local Hinsdalean newspaper provided just such an opportunity – the advertisement for the Women’s Life Fall 2019 session jumped right out at me. I recall still doubting myself on the eve of the introductory meeting and had, in fact, decided to “chicken-out”. The next morning though I felt a definitive, forceful pull to attend. I am so grateful for that urge and have not looked back. Each aspect of  the Women’s Life sessions has been a pure blessing, initiated with the overwhelmingly warm reception on day one and developing into true, rich and Christ-filled relationships with absolutely awesome women. These relationships have been so significant, particularly during the recent tough times of social and physical distancing, with our small group still meeting regularly on Zoom. I am so grateful to have been accepted just  the way I am, while also being challenged to learn and grow in faith and purpose."

Linnzie says:

"When you are blessed with a great family and friends and all the conveniences of our modern world, you never expect to need more. Woman’s Life has fulfilled a piece of my world that I didn’t know was missing. The inspiring stories of God and the strong bonds I have made in our small groups have set a path for my spiritual growth and deep connections to our higher power. Thursday mornings were the highlight of my week always leaving with a full heart and a soul closer to God. There truly is no better place to feel acceptance than at Western Springs Baptist Church."

Aimee says:

"My life has been blessed in so many ways by the ladies in Women's Life. I attend another church but was invited by a friend. I love all the diversity that comes together weekly from all denominations and backgrounds.  We encourage each other, pray for each other and each session we have a different study to learn and discuss. Now I look forward to every Thursday because I always leave here uplifted and refreshed from all these women that pour love and wisdom into my life."

Joyce says:

"I went to my first Women’s Life Bible study last fall and have gone to every one since then. All the speakers are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. I always come away inspired and invigorated in my daily walk with the Lord. The women in our small group are so informative and I learn so much. In other words, it’s awesome!  I can’t wait until fall!"

Women's Life for Children

This year, Women’s Life is offering a Pre-K Children’s Program for the Nursery through Kindergarten aged children.  Our staff will share Bible stories and lead your children in memorizing Bible verses, singing songs and having fun!

We are also offering a space for elementary aged children (K-5th grade) to do remote learning while moms are attending the Bible Study and small group.

Your children will be well cared for each Thursday morning.

We do offer:

  • Childcare and Children's Program for Children ages Newborn - 5 years.
  • Remote Learning Stations for Elementary Children (Kindergarten - 5th Grade) 


Please provide some information when you register so that we can plan for your children.