Dear WSBC family,

As you are all well aware this week the threat of the Covid-19 virus is having a profound impact on our world.  So please understand that we here are WSBC are taking the spread of the virus very seriously.  We are concerned for the health of our congregation and our whole community.  As leaders we are also concerned for your spiritual well being during these difficult days.  God does not want us to be anxious (Philippians 4:6,7) but to be prayerful and faithful to support and encourage one another.

We believe that the regular gathering of God’s people to sing, pray and sit under God’s Word is an important means of grace in the Christian life.  So we hope to continue to meet together as long as we can.  But we must do it carefully and wisely to insure the health everyone.  Our Spiritual Leadership Council, under the leadership of Russ Cook, our Moderator, with the advice of health professionals, is suggesting the following response:

  • We will hold our two services at 9:00am and 10:45am this Sunday.  Our numbers will then stay under 250 (as requested by the Governor) and allow the congregation to spread out in the sanctuary.
  • Sunday School and Core Class will be held as usual at 9:30.
  • Children’s Ministry (10:45) and nursery and preschool (both services) will be provided.
  • Fellowship time between services will provide coffee only.
  • The Owls luncheon scheduled for Thursday has been cancelled.
  • The rest of the mid-week ministries will continue as usual for now—please stay tuned.

However, we would like to strongly urge everyone at a higher risk of illness or if you find yourself concerned, please stay home.  We also ask that anyone who has any symptoms of an illness or is not feeling well to please refrain from attending.

For those who attend any service or event at WSBC:

  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer or wash your hands well upon entering the building before touching interior surfaces.
  • We will forgo handshakes (yes, this includes me) or any other touching.
  • We will not pass the offering plates during the service.  The ushers will have the plates available for you after each service, and you can always give online at wsbc.info/give.
  • We will not hand out bulletins. (You will find this week’s bulletin attached to this email.) If you would like to be added to the email list visit wsbc.info/bulletin and fill out the form.

We will continue to monitor the latest news and recommendations released by the CDC, state, and local officials.  You can expect weekly email updates as we monitor a fluid situation and evaluate ministry here at WSBC.  Also, if you become sick with the Coronavirus, please notify us immediately.

Let me encourage you to stay connected with each other and with WSBC during these days.  Please visit our church’s website for more information.  Communicate with one another on social media, and yes, phones still work for conversation.  Our sermons are available on our website and we hope to offer live streaming of our services in the next few weeks for those who are not able to attend.

Also, use this time as an opportunity to be the church in your community and workplace as you live for Christ.  Look for ways to help neighbors and elderly church and family members.  Pray that during this time the glory of Christ will shine brightly through us, His church.  In an uncertain world, He alone is certain: “Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” (Psalm 62:2)  The mission continues.  Let us be humble, wise and courageous as we follow Christ together.

For Christ’s Glory,

Pastor Dean