This Week

Join us this week as Pastor Dean continues his series in the book of 1 Samuel, titled “A Tale of Two Families,” from 1 Samuel 2:11-36.”

  • Rejoicing In The Lord

    Rejoicing in the Lord

    I Samuel 2:1-10

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    When the focus of our lives is on the Lord our hearts will rejoice in Him.

    1. Hannah’s song focuses on the Lord.
    1. The Lord’s focus is on the oppressed.
    1. Those who are oppressed will focus on the Savior.
  • A Mom Remembered

    A Mom Remembered

    I Samuel 1

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Hannah encourages you, Moms, to persevere so that you are remembered by God.

    1. Hannah continued to worship even though worshipping was difficult.
    1. Hannah persevered in prayer even though praying was difficult.
    1. Hannah began to believe God even though believing was difficult.
    1. Hannah gave what she promised to the Lord even though giving was difficult.
  • The Power Of Tears

    The Power of Tears

    Psalm 6

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Our tears can have an effective ministry in our life before God.

    1. Tears help us realize our weakness.
    1. Tears help us communicate our prayers.
    1. Tears help us regain our confidence.
  • Divine Guidance For Our Decisions

    Divine Guidance for Our Decisions

    Genesis 24

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Are you willing to let God guide your life?

    The Servant’s Location

    The Servant’s Information

    The Servant’s Expectation

    The Servant’s Hesitation

    The Servant’s Explanation

    The Servant’s Observation

    The Servant’s Celebration

    The Servant’s Presentation

    The Servant’s Anticipation

  • The Quest for Integrity

    The Quest for Integrity

    Genesis 23

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    God desires that each of us be on a quest for integrity.

    1. Integrity begins with a right attitude – a way of thinking.
    1. Integrity continues with right actions – a way of doing.
    1. Integrity finishes with a right accomplishment – a way of becoming.
  • God Will Provide

    God Will Provide

    Genesis 22:1-19

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Resurrection faith:  Belief that everything rests on what God has done for us in Christ.

    1. The Test—Produces resurrection faith.
    1. The Dilemma—Displays resurrection faith.
    1. The Resolution—Proclaims resurrection faith.
  • The Source of our Security

    The Source of Our Security

    Genesis 21:22-34

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    As long as we live on this earth as creatures of time we must trust the Eternal God for our security.

    1. We must trust God for our reputation.
    1. We must trust God for our resources.
    1. We must trust God for our relationships.
  • Reconciliation Leads To Sanctification

    Reconciliation Leads To Sanctification

    2 Corinthians 5:17-21

    Benjamin E. Cole

    “In Christ = New Creation” (v17).

    Reconciliation leads to Sanctification (vv18-20)

    The Righteousness of God in Christ (21)

  • Laughter and Lordship

    Laughter and Lordship

    Genesis 21:1-21

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Nothing of eternal consequence in our lives happens by human effort.

    1. The Illustration of Justification

    Barrenness + Promise + Time = Laughter

    1. The Illustration of sanctification

    Growth + Conflict + Separation = Lordship

  • The Riches of God’s Grace

    The Riches of God’s Grace

    Genesis 20

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Whatever your need today God stands ready to do business with you.

    1. God graciously protects us when we are wandering.
    1. God graciously reveals Himself when we are ignorant.
    1. God graciously convicts of sin when we are willful.
    1. God graciously provides salvation when we are helpless.
  • Inconspicuous Christianity

    Inconspicuous Christianity

    Genesis 19:1-29

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Are you an inconspicuous Christian? Does your desire for the things of this world distract you from making a difference for God?

    1. We must monitor our decisions.
    1. We must measure our influence.
    1. We must be mindful of our thoughts.
  • What God Requires

    What God Requires

    Micah 6:1-8

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Does God have a case against us? Are we doing what God requires?

    1. Are we remembering the works of God?
    1. Are we listening to the word of God?
    1. Are we submitting to the will of God?
  • Values That Compel Mission

    Values That Compel Mission

    Arloa Sutter

    February 26, 2017





  • Drawing Near To God

    Drawing Near to God

    Genesis 18

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    If we draw near to God He will draw near to us.

    1. We must approach God eagerly.
    1. We must approach God honestly.
    1. We must approach God intimately.
    1. We must approach God persistently.
  • Spiritual Progress

    Spiritual Progress

    Genesis 17

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    God in His faithfulness desires that we move on spiritually.

    1. We need a fresh communication from a personal God.
    1. We need a fresh commitment to a sacrificial obedience.
    1. We need a fresh challenge to a radical faith.
  • Too Impatient To Trust

    Too Impatient to Trust

    Genesis 16

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    When I grow impatient I am not truly trusting God.

    1. I try to manipulate circumstances.
    1. I tend to mistreat other people.
    1. I totally miss the presence of God.
  • Asking the Hard Questions of God

    Asking the Hard Questions of God

    Genesis 15

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    When we have doubts we must bring them into the presence of God.

    1. “Sovereign Lord, what can you give me…?”
    1. “Sovereign Lord, how can I know…?”
  • Moving Out By Faith

    Moving Out By Faith

    Genesis 14

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    When I sincerely give my life to Christ I will move out in active faith.

    1. Active faith means that I will accept the responsibility to minister.
    1. Active faith means that I will acknowledge the greatness of Christ.
    1. Active faith means that I will be able to avert temptation.
  • The Challenge of Prosperity

    The Challenge of Prosperity

    Genesis 13

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The special challenge of managing our “things” can only be handled when we live by faith in fellowship with God.

    1. Prosperity without faith will lead to difficult conflicts.
    1. Prosperity without faith will lead to wrong choices.
    1. Prosperity without faith will lead to negative consequences.
  • From Barrenness To Blessing

    From Barrenness to Blessing

    Genesis 12

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The only way to a life of blessing is through a response to God’s call.

    1. The Call of God
    1. The Response of Faith
    1. The Test of Abiding
  • Our Savior’s Cry

    Our Savior’s Psalm

    Psalm 22

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Jesus struggled like any man in horrendous suffering, but with total trust in His heavenly Father.

    1. Our Savior’s cry of abandonment.

    A God to trust in.

    1. Our Savior’s cry of humiliation.

    A God to call upon.

    1. Our Savior’s cry of pain.

    A God to save.

    1. Praise Jesus: His cry was heard.
  • Living In The Light

    Living in the Light

    I John 1:5–2:2

    Dean Monkemeier

    We can have fellowship with God through Jesus Christ, the Light of the world.

    1. We must walk in the Light.
    1. We must confess our sins.
    1. We must trust in Jesus Christ.
  • The Reason Jesus Came

    The Reason Jesus Came

    John 12:20-36

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Jesus clearly redefined the concept of glory; and, therefore, radically transformed what it means to be his follower.

    1. Christ’s glory is in his death that brings many to life.
    1. Christ’s glory is in his obedience that draws people to God.
    1. Christ’s glory is in his light that shines in our hearts.
  • Light Dispelling Darkness

    Light Dispelling Darkness

    John 8: 12-30

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The clear unambiguous answer for the darkness in each of our lives is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    1. What Christ claims for Himself.
    1. What Christ claims for His followers.
    1. What Christ says to those who reject His claims.
  • Light Has Come

    Light Has Come

    John 3:16-21

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The Light has come into the world so that we might believe in Him and have eternal life.

    1. God’s motivation is love.
    1. God’s purpose is salvation.
    1. God’s condition is faith.
    1. God’s invitation is “come.”
  • The Gift of Light

    The Gift of Light

    John 1:1-18

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    This advent I invite you to a fresh experience of the Light that shines on us through the Word – Jesus Christ — the Light of the World.

    1. The Light shines brightly at Christmas because of the brightness of Christ’s person.
    1. The Light shines brightly at Christmas because of the darkness of the human predicament.
    1. The Light shines brightly at Christmas because of the closeness of Christ’s presence.
  • A New Master

    A New Master

    Romans 6:15-23

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Being “under grace” does not mean that we have no master; it means that we have a new Master.

    1. We have entered a new loyalty.
    1. We are experiencing a new liberty.
    1. We will enjoy a new life.
  • True Freedom

    True Freedom

    Romans 6:1-14

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Becoming a Christian implies a radical break with our old life of sin.

    –This break with our old life can only be called death.–

    1. The reality of our death.
    1. The result of our death.
    1. Our response to our death.
  • Abundance Through Christ

    Abundance Through Christ

    Romans 5:12-21

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    I owe everything to Jesus Christ because of the abundance of his grace.

    1. An absolute wall was destroyed by Christ.
    1. An amazing work was accomplished by Christ.
    1. An abundant way was supplied by Christ.
  • Peace With God

    Peace with God

    Romans 5:1-11

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The work that God has done in my life is not trite or insignificant.

    1. God has changed my life.
    1. God is not finished with me yet.
    1. God loves me.
    1. I know I am going to heaven.
  • The Power of Faith

    The Power of Faith

    Romans 4:16-25

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    We are declared to be righteous before God by faith and faith alone.

    1. Why is it by faith?
    1. What is faith?
    1. How can I have faith?
  • When Trying Isn’t Enough

    When Trying Isn’t Enough

    Romans 4:1-15

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    “When I try I fail, when I trust He succeeds.”

    It is so important to trust because we need God to succeed for us.

    1. We try when we seek to depend on our own righteousness.
    1. We try when we seek to depend on our own religiousness.
  • The Free Gift of Righteousness

    The Free Gift of Righteousness

    Romans 3:21-31

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    God has a plan for the salvation of sinners.

    1. God’s plan of salvation takes into account the ruined condition of man.
    1. God’s plan of salvation establishes the righteous character of God.
    1. God’s plan of salvation demands the responsive choice of faith.
  • All Men Equal Before God

    All Men Equal Before God

    Romans 3:9-20

    Dean Monkemeier

    The gloomy picture of man’s total depravity makes the glory of Christ’s salvation shine brighter.

    1. Everyone is under sin and therefore guilty before God.
    1. Everyone is under sin in every way and therefore guilty before God.
    1. Everyone is under sin in every way forever more and therefore guilty before God.
  • A Religion of the Heart

    A Religion of the Heart

    Romans 2:17-3:8

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    How can we identify true religion that gives us right standing before God?

    1. True religion is not who we are by birth or training.
    1. True religion is not what we do in rites and rituals.
    1. True religion is how we live in response to God.
  • No More Secrets

    “No More Secrets”

    Romans 2:1-16

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Some day we will stand before the righteous Judge with no more secrets.

    1. God’s judgment will be absolutely truthful.
    1. God’s judgment will be absolutely impartial.
    1. God’s judgment will be absolutely thorough.
  • Man Without Excuse

    Man Without Excuse

    Romans 1:18-32

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The need for the gospel is highlighted by the wrath of God against the godlessness of people.

    1. Willful Ignorance.
    1. Foolish Decisions.
    1. Dreadful Consequences.
  • The Power of the Gospel

    The Power of the Gospel

    Romans 1:1-17

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Understanding the gospel will produce commitment to Christ.

    1. We will be convinced of the call of God on our lives.
    1. We will be aware of our obligation to other people.
    1. We will understand the power of the gospel.
  • Love and Justice

    Love and Justice

    Jonah 4:4

    Dr. John Koessler

  • Living Life ‘As If Not’

    Living Life ‘As If Not’

    1 Corinthians 7:29-31

    Matthew Monkemeier

  • Christ’s Power; My Weakness

    Christ’s Power; My Weakness

    John 18:12-27

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    As I face life’s temptations I must understand the weakness of my flesh and depend on the power of Christ’s grace.

    1. Upper story – Jesus’ struggle against human power.
    1. Lower story – Peter’s struggle with human weakness.
    1. Upper story – Jesus’ victory through the power of the truth.
    1. Lower story – Peter’s defeat in the weakness of his falsehood.
  • Led Into Temptation

    Led Into Temptation

    Matthew 4:1-11

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The shield of faith is essential because Satan’s strategy is to cause us to distrust our God.

    1. The shield of faith is a firm belief that God’s provisions are adequate.
    1. The shield of faith is a firm belief that God’s proof is unnecessary.
    1. The shield of faith is a firm belief that God’s plan is sufficient.
  • The Beginning of Nations

    The Beginning of Nations

    Genesis 11:1-9

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Man’s rebellion against God brings confusion in this world that can only be remedied by the grace of God.

    1. Man’s Initiative Against God.
    1. God’s Response to Man.
  • The Beginning of Salvation

    The Beginning of Salvation

    Genesis 7,8

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    It is crucially important that we listen to Noah’s story because we too need salvation from the judgment that is coming.

    1. God provided a way of salvation.
    1. God remembered a person for salvation.
  • Responding to Life’s Disappointments

    Responding to Life’s Disappointments

    2 Corinthians 12: 9, 10

    Bruce Rowe

  • Submit to Christ

    Submit to Christ

    Ephesians 5:21-6:4

    Ben Cole

  • The Beginning of Judgment

    The Beginning of Judgment

    Genesis 6

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    God has given us a great responsibility:  to walk with Him and be a blessing in a wicked world.

    1. Understand the world in which we are walking.
    1. Understand the heart of the one with whom we are walking.
    1. Understand the way in which we can walk with God and be a blessing.
  • The Beginning of War

    The Beginning of War

    Genesis 4:1-16

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    The side we take in this war is based on some awesome choices we make to risk being on God’s side.

    1. A choice concerning how we come to God.
    1. A choice concerning how we deal with sin.
    1. A choice concerning where we will live our lives.
  • The Beginning of Sin

    The Beginning of Sin

    Genesis 3

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    As we understand this first fall into sin we can begin to deal with sin in our lives.

    How sin happens.

    How sin harms.

    How sin is handled.

  • VBS Celebration Sunday: Jesus, The Light of the World

    Jesus, the Light of the World

    John 9:1-12

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Jesus is shining in this dark world to give us spiritual sight.

    When Jesus’ light comes into this dark world:

    1. Individuals are touched.
    1. Eyes are opened.
    1. Lives are changed.
  • The Beginning of Marriage

    The Beginning of Marriage

    Genesis 2:15-25

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Marriage as God intends requires that you receive your mate as God’s perfect provision for you.

    1. Your spouse is just what you need.
    1. Your spouse is exactly what God provided.
    1. Your spouse must be the focus of your intimacy.
  • The Beginning of Man

    The Beginning of Man

    Genesis 1:26 – 2:17

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    What we believe about creation affects what we believe about ourselves and how we live our lives.

    1. You and I have the dignity of being the pinnacle of the pyramid of God’s created universe.
    1. You and I have the duty of being the center of the circle of God’s loving garden.
  • The Beginning of the Universe

    The Beginning of the Universe

    Genesis 1:1 – 2:3

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Our challenge is to read the story carefully so that we will not miss the glory of creation.

    1. We learn that creation was a process.
    1. We learn that there is a purpose for this process.
    1. We learn of the awesome power of God.
    1. We learn that human beings are the pinnacle of creation.
  • In The Beginning, God...

    In the Beginning, God…

    Genesis 1:1-5

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    We know the world had a beginning because God has chosen to reveal it to us in the opening statement of the Bible.

    A Creator creates a creation.

    1. Truths about “creation.”
    1. Implications of “creates.”
    1. Observations about the “Creator.”
  • A Woman to be Praised

    A Woman to Be Praised

    Proverbs 31:10-31

    Pastor Dean Monkemeier

    Moms, as we look at this woman in Proverbs 31

    we see you; and we value you and praise you.

    1. We praise you because of your discipline in your work.
    1. We praise you because of your diligence to do what you do best.
    1. We praise you because of your devotion to your family.
    1. We praise you because of your desire for God.