We desire and pray for spiritual transformation to occur in the life of a child at church and at home. We are convinced that ministry to children is best accomplished by creatively teaching God's Word and Story and then offering encouragement, practical training and tools based in scripture to parents. 

We are committed to families in three ways:

  1. To encourage and equip parents with tools and resources to help them be the primary spiritual influencers and disciplers in their homes. 
  2. To teach the truth of God’s Word and the Gospel to children through God's Story in the Bible, music, small group discussions, relationships, and age-appropriate, creative activities and play.
  3. To maintain a safe and secure environment for kids. All volunteers and leaders are carefully screened and a stringent security process is in place for all kids and families.



    KidCheck check-in station is located near the church office for families with children NURSERY through 5th grade.   Leaders will be present to assist and greet your family as ID/Name tags are printed.


    9:00 AM - 1st Worship Service 

    • 9:00 AM - Sunday School & Discovery Classes
      • NURSERY (0-2 years) & PRESCHOOL CHILDREN (3-5 years) will be checked-in before the morning worship service. 
      • CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL: All Children going into Kindergarten - 5th grade can be checked-in before the 1st worship service, and then go driectly to their classroom. 
      • Jr & Sr High Youth Class (grades 6-12) in the Youth Room. 
      • Adult Class: In the Fireside Room.


    • 10:10 AM - Fellowship Time with Coffee and Refreshments is between both Services in the Community Room.


    10:45 AM - 2nd Worship Service

    • NURSERY (0-2 years) & PRESCHOOL CHILDREN (3-5 years) will be checked-in before the morning worship service. 
    • CHILDREN'S WORSHIP: Children (going into Kindergarten - 5th grade) gather to worship in the sactuary with their family and then they will be dissmissed from the sanctuary during the worship service to have their own time of teaching. and worship. 
      • CHILDREN'S CHOIR will also rehearse during Children's Worhship on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month.
    • Grounded Young Adults Class; In the SkyBox, Room 213. 


    SUNDAY NIGHTS (During the School Year)

    • 5:45 PM - High School Youth Choir
    • 6:30 PM - villageLife: High School Ministry: Grades 9-12 (HSM)

    WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (During the School Year)

    • 6:00 PM - Middle School Youth Choir
    • 6:30 PM - Middle School Ministry: Grades 6-8 (MSM)
                      - LiveWire is available for Kids 3 years - 5th grade (SEPT.-NOV. & JAN.-MAR.)
    • 7:00 PM -  Prayer Meeting
    • 7:00 PM - Worship Choir Rehearsal


    Please check the Calendar for other opportunities and times.



    From September through May, we offer a comprehensive program for teaching and nurturing the faith children of all ages. 

    • Sunday school classes meet from 9 to 10:10 am.


    Each week children will explore God's story of love, grace and redemption in a classroom format. Our highly creative and caring teachers and assistants strive to create a relational environment that focuses on that day's portion of God's Story through a variety of experiences, activities and crafts. 

    We want your child to grow in God's Story as we teach through the Bible using the curriculum:


    We believe that God has created each child uniquely with specific abilities and personalities. We also believe that children can have an active and living faith. Our focus is helping them to love God with all their heart, soul, and strength through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


    SESSION 2:  Jan. 9 – March 20, 2019

    Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm.


    LiveWire will get to experience the biggest, and most amazing lessons of the Bible!  We'll relive incredible moments when oceans parted, city walls crumbled and fell down, giants were defeated, and fire fell from the sky! Your children will learn about worship, obedience, being prepared, boldness, courage, peace, salvation, and the importance of a good attitude during difficult circumstances. We'll also use our imagination in Not So Epic Theatre to find out what could have happened in these lessons if the people had made the wrong decisions instead. God has big lessons to teach us and He knows how to teach in big ways! So step inside, take a seat and hold on tight. This one is going to be Epic!

    • Live Wire welcomes children aged 4 through 5th grade to learn through music, games, skits, stories, and crafts during this fun mid-week club.
    • Call the Office for more information.




    We believe that ministry volunteers have a lasting impact on the children they serve. Our relationship with them will represent the love of Christ. Because of this great responsibility before the Lord (James 3:1), we require all volunteers to complete a background check, meet specific qualifications, and expectations , be qualified, and we feel it is important to communicate to you the qualifications for volunteers, the expectations we have for you while being a volunteer, and the great blessings you can look forward to as a children’s ministry volunteer.

    If you would like more information about becoming a Children’s Ministry volunteer, please contact Joel Sisson our Family Pastor or the Church Office.

    Every potential ministry volunteer at the Village Church | Western Springs Baptist Church will participate in the following screening process.  

    • A Children's Ministry Application which includes at least two references.
    • A Background Check release form
    • Online Video Child Safety Training
    • Interview
    • Briefed on Child Safety Procedures